Ghost Vaporizer Pen Kit

Ghost Vaporizer Pen Kit

Dr. Dabber™ Ghost Pen is a sleek, portable vaporizer pen, made to be applied with gluey natural natural oils, waxes and concentrates.

Titanium Heating Element

The Ghost Pen has a titanium heating element within the primary heating chamber. The Dr Dabber’s™ titanium element gives a much cleaner tasting vapour – similar to a oil from a Ti nail or skillet unlike other pen vaporizers which have Nickel-Chrome heating coils.

The titanium technology does mean that the Ghost Pen can operate at reduced conditions than many other vaporizers. Whilst there is certainly still combustion occurring, the reduced heat means there isn’t any nasty metallic flavor – simply smooth, clean vapour.

Top Quality Battery

The Ghost is run on a lithium-ion battery that is large. The battery pack provides around 200 hits from a charge that is single and this is a vaporizer pen that will continue if you wish to.

Oil Vape

This piece is particularly be developed to be combined with dry herb concentrates. They have been appropriate for any and all sorts of oils that are sticky waxes and concentrates. Concentrates are a few times more potent that the weight that is equivalent of natural herb.

Dr. Dabber™ Ghost Pen Vaporizer Kit Contents And Features

Each Dr Dabber ™ Pen Vaporizer comes being a complete kit and includes the vaporizer, a tool, silicone storage ball, USB charger, individual manual and present package. The Dr Dabber™ Pen has a range that is accompanying of extras to improve your vaping experience. The additional accessories are available separately from EDIT.