Chaitanya Mano Vikasa Kendra

Chaitanya Mano Vikasa Kendra is a day school for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and learning disabilities in an urban setting in Bangalore, India. The school provides an educational program for children aged 4 to 16 years. It has a trained staff of three: a head teacher, an assistant teacher and a teacher aide.

The school supports an economically disadvantaged population. Families pay a small fee to cover school supplies but the school is primarily supported by charitable contributions and fund-raising activities organized by Chaitanya Educational Foundation in USA and Chaitanya Trust in India.

Children at Chaitanya Mano Vikasa Kendra typically have disabilities in the following categories:

  • Intellectual and developmental disabilities caused by damage to,
    or improper development of the brain that happens prenatally, during birth or right after birth. They can also be caused by infections or accidents during the first few years of life.
  • Learning disabilities leading to difficulty in reading, writing, or calculating without having any sensory deficits or intellectual and developmental disabilities.